My first step towards minimalism

‘I tidied my bedroom and it changed my life.’ – I’m pretty sure not many stories of discovery start with that. It seems, however, that my own might.

It’s true, I really have tidied my bedroom. I mean, really, really did tidy. I pulled every item out of every wardrobe and drawer and donated or threw away probably 2/3 of everything I’ve found. I can say with conviction that there currently isn’t a single thing in my entire bedroom that isn’t in regular use. By regular I don’t mean every day. Some things will only come in handy once a month for example. All remaining things, however, are things I really do need, use and appreciate.

Of course, I left a couple of decorative items, but I also consider those to be ‘in use’, in the way of me looking at them. It also appears it’s a lot easier to admire and appreciate those when they aren’t lost among a million other objects. Bizarre, right?

In the process, I have even ended up emptying an entire one out of my 2 wardrobes, which will now soon be donated. I also found I don’t really need my dressing table since I literally never made use of it, so that as well will go to a new home.

What got into me all of the sudden, you may ask. Well, the truth is, I came across this fascinating thing called minimalism. Obviously, I have heard about it in the past, though probably more in the sense of an aesthetic style or a kind of interior design than a lifestyle. The minimalism I am referring to now was so brilliantly described by these guys:

Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives. By clearing the clutter from life’s path, we can all make room for the most important aspects of life: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.

The Minimalists

This time I really paid attention. I have ‘gotten into it’. I’ve watched probably 2 or 3 documentaries about it, followed by several hours of clicking ‘watch next’ on youtube. It wasn’t exactly out of the blue for me. I have already been quite fascinated by the idea of decluttering and downsizing for a while thanks to having come across the KonMari method. However I never really acted on it despite having plenty of ambition to do so.

So finally, after getting myself pumped, I did it. I tackled that bedroom like it was my worst enemy and I won – and it really did change my life.

It was an eye-opening experience. Of course, there was plenty of effort involved, as can be expected when sorting through, reorganizing and getting rid of. It didn’t really feel ‘difficult’ as such, though. Once I got started, the decisions on each item became quick, decisive and final. I imagine this only worked as well because at that point I really was in myself determined to do it. I wasn’t forcing myself into. I imagine if someone would attempt going through that process without really being committed they may struggle a lot more to make decisions and let go of things.

It was only one room, and most definitely not the most challenging of my spaces, but what was important was realising just how possible it was to achieve what I wanted. Now I know I can do this. Even if it won’t be easy, even if likely it’ll take plenty of time, it has become an achievable goal rather than just a daydream.

And boy oh boy was it worth it. Every time I walk into my bedroom I glance around proudly whilst admiring my chosen pieces of decor. Finding anything I need takes no time at all because I know exactly where everything is. Gone are also the days when there was laundry scattered everywhere because I just didn’t have the energy and will to deal with it. The whole room is just so… pleasant – both to look at and to use. 

The bathroom is next.

If you would like to find out more about minimalism, you could head over to The Minimalists Blog or watch one of their documentaries – “Minimalism: a Documentary About the Important Things” on Amazon UK, or Netflix or the newer “Less is Now” avaliable exclusively on Netflix.

If you are interested in the KonMari method you could watch “Tidying up with Marie Kondo”, which is also avaliable on Netflix.

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